Being A Bride To Be..Counting down the days! 

So hello there again everyone! I’m sure by now, nearly all of you are sick of me posting about getting married.. well, I’m also sure that you’ll all be so happy to hear that the wedding is 9 days away! WHAT!!??

So, besides my obvious stress and over worry, yes I’m excited. Everything is done, sorted and paid for, I’ve been far too over organised haha. 

I’ve also got a whole list of ideas for blog posts, blog projects and other fun things after my wedding buzz is over/wearing off that hopefully you’ll all love! 

But for right now, let me just say how much I have loved sharing my wedding journey with all of you lovely readers, and probably a week or so after the wedding, I will be *hopefully if I’m not too stressed on the day* putting up a wedding get ready with me post! I’ve also planned to put the wedding photos up in a special blog post, mostly for memories, but also just because I think it’d be nice for anyone else planning a wedding to look at and take any ideas from 🙂 

That’s all for right now, thank you for reading and putting up with all my wedding blabber! 

Katie x


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