“But you don’t look sick”.

Hello everyone, long time no post! Today’s post is one about one of my most hated sentences, “but you don’t look sick”.

To look at me, here, on a good day, I’m sure many people would think in their heads that I don’t look sick. But how wrong that everyone would be.

I am anaemic, I have chronic nosebleeds, I have slight asthma and anxiety. I have a heart murmur, a leaking heart valve, I at 20 years old have had a heart attack. I have a rare illness called Anti NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, which causes seizures, memory loss, tumours and in extreme cases death. I am in chronic pain near enough every day, but yet, looking at me above in the photo, I don’t look like it. Right?

In my life, I have been to the hospital more times than I’d like to remember, been hooked up to machines that bleep at the smallest little movement you make, had many more injections than nights out and so much hospital food that I can still taste half of it.

If you saw me at my worst, would I look sick to you? Or would you just try and pin point something else that didn’t make me look “sick” enough?

Thanks for reading, sorry it’s not my usual happy post but after someone questioning me on what’s wrong with me, why am I saying I’m sick and look fine etc, I thought I’d make a little post.

Katie x


7 thoughts on ““But you don’t look sick”.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this personal blog post with us, you sound like such a strong girl. Any time you feel like you need a chat I am always here, and I love your blog! Its so bad that people say that to you, how do they think about how that would make you feel?

    Sophia xo // sophiaaaxo.com

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    1. Thank you Sophia, exactly! Whenever I get someone who asks what’s wrong with me, why I’m using a wheelchair/walker or anything, they tend to be strangers, but I always try to educate them about invisible illnesses etc, but sometimes feel like screaming at some of the invasive questions I get asked! Will drop you a message at some point, same to you babe! X

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      1. It must be really annoying for you to be honest. Okay girl no worries x


  2. You have been through so much xxxx

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  3. Hugs xxx Its awful when people doubt our health. I get that too, “you look well” sick again but you don’t look sick. So how come you can travel if your “sick”

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    1. 100%, I always get someone saying “oh so what’s wrong with you then? Why’re you using that walker/wheelchair?” I tend to reply trying to educate them or something, but it really annoys me how people think it’s okay, who don’t even know your first name, to ask such invasive questions. Like fair enough, if it’s a friend who you haven’t seen in a few years, but the people who do it to me are people who I’ve just met/have never seen before or never will see again. Xxx

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