Sorry :( 

Hi everyone. Unfortunately at the minute I’m in hospital with chest pains that the hospital staff, doctors and nurses are thinking was a heart attack. 

As you all can kinda tell, my health has always come first. So tomorrow there will be no blog post. I am focusing on myself and my health at the moment, and I hope everyone can understand that. 

I have a scheduled post for the last day of this monthly challenge but otherwise until I feel up to it there won’t be any posts. So sorry everyone! 
Thank you for reading; 

Katie x


6 thoughts on “Sorry :( 

  1. Crikey! Really don’t worry about a blog! Hope it wasnt a heart attack and if it was, I hope you recover quickly. I’ve just emerged from a week long daze of steroids and I thought I had it bad. Hugs xxxx

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    1. Aww thank you! I knew people would be okay with it, but had to make sure. Ooh I’ve had steroids twice- they are horrible! One of the big reasons why I’m trying desperately to loose weight! Hope you feel better soon too! 💕 xxxx

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