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Hey everyone, so today’s post is a little bit more of a chat, like the type you’d get in a cafe with your mates after one of them have been on holiday and you all need an excuse to meet up an gossip.

Today, the wedding day countdown hit 63 days and I honestly am frazzled.
I am full of silly worries like “even though my dress was big on me before I lost weight and I’m booked in soon to sort that out, what if when I try to get in on it’s too small?”and “what happens if the wedding car breaks down?”, as well as the small worry that maybe the best man might lose the rings… (Sorry, Darrel!) Recently, I’ve been this big ball of pre wedding stress, taking it out on anyone who spends more than 2 hours with me (so mostly Aaron), and I am realising how bad I am at doing so, but I just can’t help it! Anyone else in the same boat?

As I’ve posted about before, I’ve been on this journey to loose weight. From when I was a little girl I’ve had problems with my body, whether it be me being too chubby or too skinny, whether it be just due to friends/peer pressure or me just being silly, weight has been a big issue of mine since long before my anxiety filled teen years. Due to having so many seizures and involuntary movements I had to have two lots of steroid infusions in hospital, so since then I’d put a lot of weight on. So much so, I found myself getting so upset that I couldn’t wear any of the clothes “normal” people do in day to day life. Last year, I decided to do something about it.

I have been working out, going out more, drinking more water and eating better since last year and yes, I have the few mistakes and get upset and have takeaways every so often, but I am much happier now than I was then and I think that’s the main thing. Especially with my wedding day so close! *stressful screams*

How are you all doing? Have you had a good week?
How weird is it that May is almost over and it only seemed like it began last week? Crazy!

Thanks for reading,

Katie x


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