Olly Murs.. SURPRISE!

Hey everyone! So, today’s post is about how I surprised my Nan with Olly Murs tickets!

So, these tickets are for my Nan who I love so much and who loves Olly Murs, so much.. I knew she’d love to see him live, so when I heard he was playing in Swansea, I set out on a search for tickets.

These will be her surprise gift, I’ve let her know that I’ve got her something and planned out a reveal, but she doesn’t know what it is yet! So, here’s the plan:

I’ve got a white t-shirt, I’m gonna get Olly Murs’ face printed on the front, wrap up a CD of his inside and then on the back of the top I’m gonna print the words “I’m going to see Olly Murs”, in big bold letters. So, when she opens up the present, she sees the front of the top, the CD falls out so she’ll look at that, then I’ll tell her to look at the back of the t-shirt & that’s when she’ll realize.

I’m hoping to get some photos of this all happening, by the way, but she hates photos. So, if I did manage to sneak some, they’ll be added to this post.

But, for now,

Thanks for reading,

Katie x


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