Nevaeh (snipets & intro) <3

Hey everyone! Today’s post is about my dog, Nevaeh! 

Nevaeh is a Labrador cross springer spaniel, so a kinda crazy, excited mix! 

She’s my service dog in training, with my illness having different challenges every other month sometimes there’s always new things for her to learn. So far, she can open doors, help bring clothes to the washing machine, take clothes out of the washing machine, bring phones and the TV controllers, help me out of the bath, sense when I’m about to have a seizure, help me come round from a seizure and lots more! 

She’s so clever, but also some things she does are hilarious! We have a trampoline in our garden and she loves jumping around on it, we also have a tap for like a hose or something out the garden and she loves whenever we turn it on and tries to catch the water! 

She loves veg, too. She obviously, like most dogs, likes meat but she would happily sit and eat a plate full of veggies! 

Well, I think that’s all. Thanks for reading! 

Katie x 


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