Date ideas

Hey guys, do you and your s/o find it hard to think of new places to go and new things to do on dates? Well, don’t worry! Because here is a list of things you could do, that won’t break the bank! (& you could even do them alone!)


  1. Take a trip to your local museum: it’s usually free and it’s pretty cool to see everything in your town’s history!
  2. Bowling night: Yes, the good classic bowling date. Places usually have a deal night/a student night (if you are a student), which means it’s cheaper! and it’s a lot of fun and a good old laugh!
  3. Make milkshakes together: Now, in Swansea we have a place called the Mad Cow, it’s a milkshake shop that is pretty reasonable in price, but of course, not everywhere has this, so make your own at home! It’s really simple! (I’ll be posting a recipe soon!)
  4. Indoor rock climbing: As long as you, or your date, aren’t afraid of heights, this date is great fun!
  5. Swimming: Okay, okay. So, we’ve all heard the saying “Take a girl swimming for a first date, so you see her without her makeup and know what you’re getting into” blah, blah, blah. But, swimming is a great way to loose weight and have fun! Of course, don’t feel pressured to go if you’re really not confident in your body/swimming abilities 🙂
  6. Go on a beach walk/hike: Beaches are so nice just to walk along and clear your mind, the same with the hike! It’s even better if it’s sunny and you get ice creams or fish and chips at the end of it, but if its dull and kinda cold it’s still good because you usually get the beach all to yourself!
  7. Board game night: This one is one of myself and Aaron’s favourites, dig out the old board games from the attic and play them together! Maybe your family could join in, or invite some friends around and make an evening of it together!
  8. Cinema trip/movie night at home: Yes, the cinema. A classic. But then again, sometimes there’s nothing on in the cinema you want to watch and the cinema can be very expensive, so why not go buy or grab some DVD’s or turn on Netflix, snacks and drinks, set up a little bed on the sofa with lots of blankets and pillows, cuddle up and have your own movie night at home, for basically nothing!
  9. TV Show evening: Following on from the film night, you could always start a TV Show together and watch the newest episode every week together as a little at home date!
  10. Pet shops: Pet shops are amazing dates! Especially if you love animals, like me! You can walk around, see all the guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. See any dogs or sometimes, even cats, in the shop. Then go on and look at the fish and turtles! A farm (ish) date/aquarium date in one!

Thanks for reading,

Katie x


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