Blog Post Everyday In April: ROUNDUP

Hey everyone! So for the past month I’ve been putting a post on here every single day, this is such a big achievement for me!

The whole point of this mini project was when I first started this blog, I had no idea what I was writing about. I used to make posts, then within the next day or so I’d read it back, decide it wasn’t any good and delete it. So I basically would have a blank blog for the first year of having one.

This project helped because it meant that if I made a post this month, I couldn’t delete it or the rest of the posts wouldn’t make sense or be in a proper order.

It’s been such a good thing for me to not be able to delete anything this month, letting all my thoughts spill onto the page. Thank you all for reading through the month,

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts.

Katie x


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