Blog Post Everyday In April: Q&A

Hey everyone! This post is a Q&A! (if you’d like to ask me questions for the next one of these posts, please follow my twitter here to send them in)

Q1: What’s a weird nickname only your family calls you?
KJ, basically my initials, Katie June.

Q2: Do you have any weird phobias?
I mean, I wouldn’t call it weird but I have phobias of clowns, sick and a small one of needles (kinda over that one now, but still).

Q3: What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
People being late and people spitting, two of my biggest ones!

Q4: What was your first stuffed animal and what was it’s name?
My first stuffed animal was a teddy and his name was Floppy Ted. I was a very imaginative child.

Q5: How old were you when you first learnt how to blow a bubble with bubblegum?
To be honest, I still can’t do that haha!

Q6: What did you want to be when you were little?
At first, I wanted to be a nurse, then a ballerina, then a singer and then a police officer, then I’m pretty sure I went around telling everyone I was going to be all those things. I also wanted to be a forensic pathologist, basically someone who cuts up dead bodies to find out how they died.

Q7: Would you rather have the super power to read minds or be invisible?
I’d love to read people’s minds! But I feel like I’d get so over whelmed by that, imagining it being like having a room full of people all talking at once, so I’m gonna have to go with being invisible.

Q8: Complete this sentence: I’m addicted to..
I’m addicted to musicals, Youtube and my phone.

Q9: What’s your zodiac sign?

Q10: What’s your favourite piece of jewellery?
Well, basically the only piece of jewellery I wear is my engagement ring, so probably that.

Q11: When is your birthday?
December 16th.

Q12: Do you like your name?
Ehh, I used to hate it when I was younger, now I think it’s okay.

Q13: What is your favourite/lucky number?
4. I dunno why, I’ve always liked the number 4 haha

Q14: What’s one thing you would dress up as for Halloween when you were younger?
I remember me and a few friends just getting a bin bag, cutting arm, leg and a head hole in them and taking a broom and a witches hat out a few years in a row, our go to costume haha

Q15: What TV shows did you grow up watching?
Arthur, Tracy Beaker, Braceface, Trapped, Jungle Run, Powerpuff girls, That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Rugrats are the main ones I can remember!


Thanks for reading,

Katie x



2 thoughts on “Blog Post Everyday In April: Q&A

  1. I’m totally with you on spitting! It’s disgusting!

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