Blog Post Everyday In April; Cheer up baths

Most of you are probably wondering, “What do you mean cheer up baths?!”

Well, what I mean is, you know when you’ve had a long, stressful day?
Your limbs are all sore and painful from standing/working most of the day?
If you’re in a cold country, you’re cold and that adds to the pain and soreness.
If not, maybe you’re kind of cold anyway?

Well, run yourself a nice, warm bath
Add in some bubbles, maybe some bath salts if you really want to treat yourself,
Grab yourself a book, or put on your favourite TV Show or Youtube channel,
Get yourself a cup of tea, coffee, a glass of water, or wine and some chocolate,
& Relax in the bath


That, my friends, is a cheer up bath. Basically, being warm in bubbles, surrounded by your favourite things! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Katie x


2 thoughts on “Blog Post Everyday In April; Cheer up baths

  1. Omg! I actually do this plus I blow bubbles in the bath tub too…


    1. Omg! Haha, my only problem is that my dog loves bubbles and tries to eat them all the time, so it’ll be me in the bath with bubbles and then suddenly the bathroom door opens, she sits close to the bath for a while then suddenly she’s got her paws on the side of the bath trying to eat all the bubbles! The joys of animals 😂


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