Blog Post Everyday In April: For Mum..


What a sick sounding word,
Even if you didn’t know what it was,
You’d still somehow know what it is.

You’d know of the stories,
The people it makes violently sick,
The blood,
The tears,
The hair loss,
The person you lose, too.

All leading up to the moment when,
You don’t know whether they’ll be there tomorrow.

If you wake up in the morning without this feeling,
Good for you, enjoy every minute of it.
But, for people like me,
Who have had this illness be a part of their family for so many years,
In many different forms and places,
You never get over it.

It always will be with you,
Any small symptom and you’ll think,
“Oh, God I should get this checked in case..”

So, Mum, yes, we argue.
Yes, we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things,
sometimes, we’re complete polar opposites.

But, I will always be here.
I will always be here to help,
To support,
To care,
To be your shoulder to cry on
And so much more.
I will also always run the race for life with your name on my back.
In memory of the fight you have fought,
The fight you are still fighting,
The old and the new fight.
I know this isn’t your first time with the big C,
But that doesn’t change a thing.

You’re my Mum.

Sorry this isn’t my usual happy post, but I needed to express myself.
Thank you for reading,

Katie x


2 thoughts on “Blog Post Everyday In April: For Mum..

  1. I’ll be thinking of you and your family during your mums fight. Its been almost 4 years since my nan passed away from cancer so I understand. Its such a horrible disease. My fiancé and I are trying to find a way suitable for us both to raise money for Cancer Research together. All the best.


    1. Thank you. Sorry to hear about your nan. It is my mum’s 2nd time fighting cancer, many of my family members have passed away from it and she and my great nan are the only two that I know of that have won fights with it in the past. I usually do race for life to raise money for Cancer Research, it’s really fun! (Although it’s called a race you can walk it if you don’t like running) and my stepdad did a head shave! I’d be doing the race for life this year if it wasn’t so close to my wedding! Thank you again.


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