Blog Post Everyday In April; Happiness is a choice. 

Happiness, A Choice!

Have you ever woke up and thought, “Oh no, today is going to be a bad day for me!” or “God, why me?”

Well if you have, you might not be the only one to feel so. It can be due to various reasons. Maybe you have a due-date and you haven’t completed your work. It may be due to disappointing results. It can even be because of spilling the bad news to people you love.
Many of us think happiness is a feeling we have when we see the things we love or be with the people we love or acquire the things we love. What we don’t understand is that, it is a decision you take in life. Have you ever wondered why the bad things only happen to you and the people around you are comparatively happy and they seem to be free of all the problems you are facing? Well, everybody has good times and bad times. There isn’t anybody escaping the bad times in life. If not now, later they will go through similar phase (or even worse) in life. But that doesn’t mean they have to sulk and whine about it while they are at it.
Not all happy people are problem free, they just merely overcome their emotions. Never let your emotions get hold of you, get hold of your emotions (irrespective of joy, despair, anger, fear, disgust etc). All the emotions together makes us human and it is essential for us. But as you understand life deeply you’d see that all emotions are required for expressing oneself but emotions aren’t that much important as we think it is. It will add flavour to ones expressiveness, but it shouldn’t alter him/her by adding flavour to the person.


“Happiness is a journey and not a destination!”

Have a happy and wonderful day! Cheers.
Guest written by Ramjith


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