Blog Post Everyday In April; STORYTIME

Hey! So today’s post is a story time.

The year before I got diagnosed with anti NMDA, we went on a family holiday to Cornwall. We stayed in a caravan on a family friendly site where every night there’d be like some kind of show and different activities for parents and children. There was also an arcade and a swimming pool.

So, me being a preteen, before this holiday goes clothes shopping with my mum for the holiday. I pick out this bikini, try it on, it fits nice and buy it. So one day while on holiday we all decide to go swimming.

Now; I’m not very good at swimming, but we went nonetheless. Everything was going great! Until, I did like a jump/dive into the pool, started being a bit of a show off and decided it was time for me to go on this slide.

Now; I must add that this slide was not like a huge long slide, it was more like ones you’d see in the mid-shallow end for children around 10, so I think “yes. I can do that, easy”

So I go on the slide, everything is fine. Until I get to the bottom and stand up in the water and have my brothers laughing at me and pointing.

I look at where they’re pointing and I almost die in embarrassment. My bikini top had managed to undo itself at some point on the slide and was now floating around the pool..

Let’s just say that experience put me off of slides for life..

Thanks for reading,

Katie x


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