Blog Post Everyday In April; meet the blogger!

Hey everyone! Today’s post is basically facts about me, like a meet the blogger type thing! (Probably what this post is called..) 
Right, first things first, Hi! My name is Katie, I’m 20 years old and from Wales. (Most of you already know that..) 

I’m ginger. I have a lot of freckles and can’t stay out in the sun too long or I go all red like a lobster. 

I love musicals and just music in general, and have sung all my life in choirs. 

The choir I sung in was called the West Glamorgan Junior Youth Choir, I doubt there’s any videos of us online anywhere but there’s lots of blurry photos on Facebook: 

(I’m the one right at the back in the right hand corner..)

I also love Disney, everything Disney is my life! Animals are also one of my favourite things, from little mice to horses! 

I also love, something very strange/adult/boring, cleaning! I don’t know why; but cleaning relaxes me so much. I think it’s like the saying “clean room; clean mind.” 

I think that’s everything for now,

Thank you for reading! 

Katie x


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