Blog Post Everyday In April; Love and other fun stuff 

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about my fiancé, Aaron. It’s basically a list of 10 reasons why he’s amazing so if you’re not into soppy stuff I suggest you wait until tomorrow’s post..


  1. He is hilarious
  2. He’s been there for me throughout my illness
  3. I can talk to him about anything and know he won’t judge me
  4. Or tell a soul what I’ve said.
  5. He looks after me when I’m unwell/have a flare up
  6. He surprises me every chance he gets
  7. He will sit through a musical with me even though he hates them
  8. He tells me stories late at night after I wake up from a bad dream
  9. He will always remind me how proud he is of me
  10. He supports me in everything I do.

(Aaron, I love you and might even send you this post for a little read.. might make you a bit big headed though… jokes) 

Thank you for reading,

Katie x


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