Blog Post Everyday In April: 30 Favourite things!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about my 30 favourite things!

(these aren’t in order, but are numbered..)

  1. Animals; I love animals.
  2. Disney; I am a big Disney lover.
  3. Musicals.
  4. Cleaning; Yes, I know, a bit strange.
  5. Ed Sheeran.
  6. Youtube.
  7. Makeup.
  8. Shopping.
  9. Reading and sending letters.
  10. Bath bombs.
  11. Reading in general.
  12. Writing lists.
  13. Baking.
  14. Singing.
  15. Babies.
  16. London; One place I always love to go, until I’m actually there in the big crowds of people.
  17. Roller coasters; even though I’m not technically allowed to go on them because of my heart, I still love them.
  18. Rollerskating.
  19. Bike riding.
  20. Ice skating.
  21. Going on the trampoline and not getting soaked because of all the welsh rain water on there.
  22. Busted.
  23. Being cuddled up in a big blanket on the sofa watching films.
  24. How to get away with murder.
  25. Once Upon A Time.
  26. Orange is the new black.
  27. Jane the virgin.
  28. Twitter.
  29. Instagram.
  30. Blogging 🙂


Katie x


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