Blog Post Everyday In April; kindness

Hey! Today’s post is about kindness.

I know it seems silly and cliche to do a post on something like this, but after what I went through while choosing my wedding dress, I think it’s time I posted about kindness and how much of a long way it goes.

I left this particular bridal shop feeling absolutely gutted, embarrassed and feeling very insecure after the rude staff in there kept making comments about my weight and calling me fat, got a dress out and said “this is one that will make you look like you’ve got a good figure, even though you haven’t”, tried a dress on and she kept making comments about it, pulled my hair out of a bobble I had in it using the dress, nearly broke my glasses and then said “well if they break, they break”, kept throwing comments about my weight, appearance and everything she could think of, she bad mouthed every other shop in town that sells dresses to us and everything.

There was also a staff member who was sat in there (not the one who talked to me) was the assistant and when I went in to try the dress on, all she did was talk about me and tut.

If only she knew what I’d actually been through with my illness. Only thing I can hope is as she sells prom dresses as well, that no insecure younger girl goes into the same shop and gets treated the same, or even worse.

I hope they both learn some kindness soon and stop being so rude to woman, young girls and teens.

Thank you for reading my mini rant,

Katie x


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