Blog Post Everyday In April; Why am I doing this..

Hello everyone! I thought that today I would post a “Why am I doing a Post Everyday In April?” Post.

Well, I created this blog about 2, nearly 3, years ago and until this year I never actually posted anything. Why?

Because I personally have a problem with myself in that I’m a perfectionist. If I make something, it has to be perfect. It has to be the best thing I put out there.

So when I post on this blog, I always feel so annoyed because I always think I can do better and that my work/posts are crap and I just end up deleting everything.

But, this “one post everyday in April” thing is so I am kind of forced to keep everything I post on here because if I don’t, then that looks bad on me saying I’d do a post every single day and missing some out.

I don’t know if this post actually makes sense to everyone reading it..

but thank you for reading anyway 🙂

Katie x


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