Stressful, wishful thinking 

Hello everyone, these past few months and weeks have been super stressful for me. Hopefully now I am back on schedule though; and as it is Sunday, I am going to use this post to share my de-stress routine/tips with you in hopes that it’ll turn into a little more than wishful thinking and just happen.

So let’s begin;

Write down whatever is stressing you out. Whether it’s a family member or situation, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a tv show. Whatever! When you write it down, it gives you a sense of realese. You could write it anywhere, online or paper. It doesn’t matter. Plus later on you will see it and can come back to it when there’s less stress.

Get yourself a big mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, a big glass of water or even a glass of wine. Sit yourself down on the sofa, surrounded by your favourite books or magazines and just lose yourself in them.

Turn on the tv and find yourself a trashy tv show to watch to make you laugh or put on your favourite film, Disney films are always a big recommendation from me!

Do some colouring in. It’s so relaxing to just sit there, with colouring pencils all colours of the rainbow and a colouring in book. Honestly, try it and thank me later.

Pamper yourself. Take some time and run yourself a bath with bath bombs, bath salts and bubbles! Put on a face mask, paint your nails! Anything that makes you feel amazing. (Also if you don’t have a bath, a shower will work too)

Put on your cosiest pyjamas and belt out your favourite songs. I’m sure your neighbors will love your Disney renditions!

Hope these tips have helped some of you, thank you for reading.

Katie x


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