Life Update

Hello! I know, I know, I haven’t posted since the beginning of this year, I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy. So, here’s a little update: I’m getting married! AH! Only a few months to go!

So, I’ve been trying to sort out the wedding, whilst owning a house, doing shopping, paying bills, owning animals and more boring life admin. One thing I must say is weddings are SO stressful.

There’s so much people don’t tell you about planning weddings, the choices on flowers, choices on dress styles, bridesmaids dresses drama, photographers cancelling, etc.

If it wasn’t for my fiance and family I’d honestly of just sat home, cancelled the whole thing and screamed my head off.

Other than wedding planning there’s not been a lot going on, just, as I said, boring life admin.

Hopefully, I will be back online and blogging soon!

Katie x


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